Thank you for attending ESSLLI 2012! We hope you enjoyed your visit to Opole and we would really like to have your feedback. Please help us improving ESSLLI by completing this evaluation form.

How did you hear about the ESSLLI?

ESSLLI Webpage
Mailing list
ESSLLI Poster at my university/company
Personal communication (colleagues, friends, supervisor)
Participated in previous ESSLLIs

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  1. Overall summer school
  2. Courses
  3. Evening Lectures
  4. Reception
  5. Saturday Party
  6. Excursion
  7. Coffee Breaks


  1. Location (Opole)
  2. Pre-school Publicity
  3. ESSLLI web page (
  4. Lodging: Did you stay at the accommodation arranged by the local organizers? If so, please rate it.
  5. If not, where did you stay?
  6. Classrooms
  7. Computer Facilities

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